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Ingo from the Donots presents a matter of the heart

With DUCHAMP, Ingo Knollmann from the Donots fulfills a little dream while the pandemic is still going on. Together with his longtime musician friends Christian Kruse - bass (Adam Angst, Waterdown, Schrappmesser, Pendikel), Benni Thiel - drums (Schrottgrenze, Jochen Distelmeyer) and Peter Tiedeken on guitar...


PORRM" - short for "Property of Rolls Royce Motorcars" is about the oppression of indigenous primitive peoples...

Red Ivy - Band

Red Ivy – “Sweet Dream“

A night of dancing and the seemingly agonizing long journey back to the warmth of home. In between: a period of time, that is characterized by a mental void and impressions that linger there for days and nights, as if they were burnt in....

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