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Rockaholic Magazine

Whether punk rock, grunge, classic or hard rock. We love it!

Profilbild Patrick Jahns - Rockaholic Magazine

Patrick “Rock“ Jahns

The head behind Rockaholic Magazine

Magazines have always had a certain fascination for me. It doesn't matter whether I'm at the gas station, in a retail store, or at the doctor's office. If there's a magazine on display, I have to read it.

Profilbild Rara Graphica - Rockaholic Magazine


Graphic design, Editorial staff

An old childhood dream of mine is to own the 32-bit color palette as crayons.

Dennis Druffel- Rockaholic Magazine


Editorial staff

Ever since I can remember, music has always been an important part of my life. I always wanted to make music, even if I had to realize that I'm not a stage person. I prefer to let off steam in the studio. I am not limited to one genre, but open to many musical trends, which is clearly reflected in my extensive collection of records.

Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose


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