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How do I submit my material?

We are always happy to receive submissions! You are welcome to send us your EPK as a download link: info@rockaholic-magazine.com

If you don’t have a current EPK, make sure you provide us with as much information as possible.

Which language do you prefer?

If you prefer to write German, do that. English? Then feel free to write in English as well. On our website, we always serve both languages to achieve the widest possible reach.

Why do you only post in English on Instagram?

Range, quite simply. It’s not much fun to read if you have to scroll a post for an unnecessarily long time. In addition, Instagram offers an in-house translator that works very well and takes a lot of the work out of content creation.

Video interviews

Wie funktioniert das mit den Videointerviews?

If you would like to actively apply for a video interview, simply write to us at info@rockaholic-magazine.com.

Basically, the process is very simple. We take a closer look at you, send you the questions by email and you can record yourself quite relaxed with your cell phone.
Afterwards we also record the Rockaholic part, cut the material to a video and publish it with subtitles on YouTube.

What do I need to keep in mind during the video interview?

Well, not much needs to be considered, because the videos live from how you record yourself. However, we would like to give you the following tips:

  • Pay attention to sufficient light
  • Good sound is self-evident, right? 😉
  • Answer rather longer than shorter
  • Find an environment that represents you (band room, in the living room next to your instruments, in the recording studio, etc.)
  • Place your saleable items around you
  • Feel free to send us hardware, we will be happy to install it as well
    Address: Rockaholic Magazine, Patrick Jahns, Siegrunestrasse 10, 80639 Munich, Germany
  • Ask each other the questions
  • You don’t have to cut, we will do it
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