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The Enraged Monkeys arose in 2012 from the lead guitarist and singer Flo from the band SUBHUMAN and Kalle and Manu from band “Die Naturtrüben”. During a jam session the idea of ​​a new a metal band with influences from death metal and hardcore was born. The ultimate goal was to introduce a new genre, Monkeycore!

In 2013 the band grew with Jörg on the drums and Istvan as a singer. (The ad at this time was “The band is more or less complete, we’re just missing a presentable grunter.”)
With that done, the band was complete, the song The Sky is Down was the first song in the setlist and still is played as the first song at every band rehearsal …

Monkeycore is a musical subgenre, combining elements of Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, and various other elements of Heavy Metal. Monkeycore lacks constraint and stringent characteristics which makes it hard to define and put a label on whereas the common denominator is that the audience is confronted with songs that go right in the kisser.

Song structures often use doomy, ascending patterns that go from clean and punctuated notes to chords to heavier sounds with rising distortion, heavy double base and blast beats. Catchy and driving heavy riffs underlaid with shredding melodics play essential parts in most songs’ refrains. Lyrics deal with various topics, and often contain socio- or self-critical themes, presented by clean-aggressive passages and growls that pick up the audience. Monkeycore’s driving rhythms and slowly rising rigor, especially on live gigs, invites for meditative headbanging that escalates to moshing and eventually discharges in a circle pit or wall of death.

The Band is:
Singer: Istvan Ladanyi
Lead Guitar: Florian Rößle
Rhythm Guitar: Andreas Kalchschmid
Base Guitar: Manuel Pelzhause
Drums: Leon Kettemann

Source: Hicktown Records



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