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The Clockworks – “Feels So Real“

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The Clockworks - Band

The Clockworks – “Feels So Real“

„McGee: We’re the punk rock version of The Streets…“

The Clockworks – Band introduction

The Clockworks was formed in 2019 in Galway on the west coast of Ireland and consists of musicians James McGregor – vocals, guitar, Sean Connelly – guitar, Damian Greaney – drums and Tom Feeman – bass.

“McGee: We’re the punk rock version of The Streets“: That was the guys’ Instagram message to Alan McGee, who gave the initial push to greats like Oasis and Primal Scream, among others. “I like working with ballsy people, and they’re little hustlers” and so he signed the quartet to his Creation23 record label immediately after their move to London.

Performances as support act, among others for Kings of Leon at Sefton Park in Liverpool, various radio shows and festival appearances, among others at Eurosonic in the Netherlands, have quickly given the band a large fan base. As of today: Already 5155 followers and 19,0400 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Feels So Real is a mixture of Britpop and Indie rock with punky elements. Linear, true to the genre and living from the titular hook – “Feels So Real”, the song moves in a rather compact soundscape and hardly leaves it noticeably. All in all a number worth listening to, but it doesn’t come close to songs like Can I Speak to a Manager?


``The best rehearsal I have seen since the 90s with Oasis is The Clockworks. What a band…``- Alan McGee

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