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Always Together
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Always Together has been recorded at the SPVN Studio, under the supervision of producer Stefano “Orkid” Santi – Cripple Bastards, Forgotten Tomb, Hiss from the Moat…

The record is made up of 9 tracks of condensed powerful energy ready to explode, that will make you want to headbang, scream and mosh with your friends.

Stef, guitarist, declares: “Hey folks. our debut album is officially out now and forever. We have waited almost one year and a half to share these 9 jams with all of you. We worked harder, played harder thinking of our fallen brother Massi. Thanks to Peter at 1054 Records and Rising Nemesis Records for unleashing it to the world. If you like downtuned metallic riffage, this one’s for you!

In the previous months, the album was anticipated by the release of two singles, Poison Flow and Seas Of Illusion, in rotation worldwide on radio stations and Spotify playlists.

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