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With DUCHAMP, Ingo Knollmann from the Donots fulfills a little dream while the pandemic is still going on. Together with his longtime musician friends Christian Kruse – bass (Adam Angst, Waterdown, Schrappmesser, Pendikel), Benni Thiel – drums (Schrottgrenze, Jochen Distelmeyer) and Peter Tiedeken on guitar (One Man And His Droid, Pale, The Robocop Kraus) they use the time in the lockdown and send each other demos again and again. The result of this very creative time is the 13 track long album SLINGSHOT ANTHEMS.

Leaning on the good old hardcore punk bands of the 80s and 90s, they conjure up together with the stars of yesteryear, an album that can be called a bridge of generations. So that this also succeeds in perfection, there are various guest appearances of the heros. Names like Jason Shevchuk (Kid Dynamite, None More Black), Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, All, Down By Law), Stephen Egerton (Descendents) and Brian McTernan (Battery, Be Well) adorn the feature list.

Of course, some people will probably pull out the all-star band card right now. But we prefer to call it an affair of the heart” Ingo announces in the official press release.

And for all fans of Stephen King and the classic film Stand by Me, the band name is based on the fictional character Teddy Duchamp.
SLINGSHOT ANTHEMS is released via END HITS and SOLITARY MAN in several vinyl editions, as CD and digital.

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