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Elephants in Silent Rooms – „Cloud Nine“

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Elephants in Silent Rooms – „Cloud Nine“

With "Cloud Nine" the four young guys from Landshut release a very nice melodic vintage rock track, which fits wonderfully to a dark morning with its dreamy psychedelic mood.

Who is the band with the interesting name?

German indie band Elephants in Silent Rooms makes music for the mind, the soul and the dream of self-realization. The quartet uses guitars, drums, basses, synthesizers and vocals to bring listeners the essence of “Before Times” when music was still made by human hand. Their latest release, Generations, shows anyone who will listen how relevant and viable great rock music will always be. They fuse old and modern ideas in a way that makes perfect sense immediately upon hearing it. Elephants in Silent Rooms exist in a space that is deep and wide, making their sound a uniqueness where anything is possible. Songs like “Days Turn Black” and “Back In The Past” are unique, unpredictable and brilliantly memorable. Anyone looking for organic, meaningful rock music needs to hear Elephants in Silent Rooms tonight.


Music for the mind, the soul and the dream of self-realization

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