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Lasst Liebe Regieren

4ZKB | Review

Lasst Liebe Regieren

Artist: 4 Zimmer Küche Bad
Label: FBP Music Publishing
Release Date: 2-4-2021
Genre: Deutschrock
People: Matthias Krey (vocals), Tobias Biedert (vocals, guitar), Oliver Best (bass), Manuel Schneider (drums)

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1. Lasst Liebe regieren Listen
2. Bonzenbrenner Listen
3. Jeden Tag auf's Neue gestern Listen
4. Nicht schon wieder aufstehen Listen
5. Zuschauer Listen
6. Licht aus der Vergangenheit Listen
7. Egoland Listen
8. World Wide Web Emotion Listen
9. Lass uns streiten Listen
10. Empathie Listen
11. Richtig gelebt Listen
12. Niemals wieder Listen
13. Sicher in Gefahr Listen

About Album

It’s been a while now since the Limburg German punk band “4 Zimmer Küche Bad” released their album. Often heard and late ventured, you could say.
The sent vinyl of “Lasst Liebe regieren” already promised visually what it could hold/deliver in the end. But briefly pressed stop and back to the beginning:

The German punk scene is very excited right now and it’s easy to see why. So many exciting bands are permeating the scene and 4ZKB is one of those bands. Building on the solid foundation of their debut album “Eigentlich Müsste Man Mal“, this new work is a very impressive release.

13 hard-hitting songs, packed with hooks and earworms.
The title track takes no prisoners and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

We need to talk about the production for a moment. I have to admit that I wrote this review only based on the feel and emotion of the record and didn’t read any press release. The production is excellent.
Unfortunately, in this genre it can sometimes happen that the recording quality and production fall short compared to the quality of the musicians, but that isn’t the case here. Everything is clear and perfectly balanced in the mix, keeping the energy of the music intact.

The album is packed with energy, “Zuschauer” & “Egoland” stand out in particular.

But the really/real outstanding track of the album is “Licht aus der Vergangenheit“. An epic 5:14min long song that takes you on a rollercoaster ride.

So all in all a truly strong album, written by a very talented band and perfectly presented.


A must have for punks.

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