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The Pinpricks - Bait - Cover
Artist: The Pinpricks
Release Date: 7-3-2020
Genres: Hard-Rock, Rock
People: Ronja Kaminsky (Vocals, Guitar), Nils Degenhardt (Bass), Rico Kobarg (Drums)

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1. Cast off your shadow Listen
2. Get out Listen
3. Voices Listen
4. Million Pieces Listen
5. Paintless Listen
6. Two-Wheeler Blues Listen
7. Foxy Lady Listen
8. Get out (Acustic Version) Listen

About Album

After their debut “Hunger” (2018), the second work of the Kiel band “The Pinpricks” was released in 2020. Driven by the rough voice of frontwoman Ronja, rousing guitar riffs and coherent sound, the trio convinces with straightforward hard rock. Also lyrically the three know how to convince and so their song lyrics revolve several times around the title “Bait”. The recordings took place in the Boogie Park Studio in Hamburg, in which the predecessor was also created.

Cast off your shadow
A fast powerful hard rock number, the perfect introduction and a highlight of this EP. A video was also released for this song.

Get out
Without a pause for breath, it goes on to the next song and this one rocks tremendously as well.

A mid tempo number with a strong chorus and definitely another highlight for me. A video was also released for this song.

Million Pieces
The longest, slowest and most melancholic song convinces with atmosphere and soulful vocals.

Another hard rock song enriched with light psychedelic elements.

Two-Wheeler Blues
With a little more than two minutes running time the shortest song on the EP, a classic rock song straight to the point. Looking forward to the live version and another highlight of this EP.

Foxy Lady
The original was written by Jimi Hendrix for his debut album “Are you experienced” (1967) and released as a single in the same year. Although cover versions, because of the comparisons with the original, are always to be enjoyed with a certain caution, this version simply rocks. Musically and vocally simply very well implemented. Definitely another highlight of this EP.

Get out (Acoustic Version)
The acoustic version of “Get out” is unfortunately the weakest number of the EP for me. I might have expected more here.

Besides the digital version, the EP is also available on vinyl and CD. Shop now!

A very good EP with many highlights and the perfect bait to become a fan of this band.

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