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The BACK ON STAGE team got together in the winter of 2020 to bring musicians to stage who simply wouldn’t have gotten a decent stage at the time. With a show concept that has a bit of Rockpalast and MTV and incidentally, is actually interactive, they have made shows possible for many bands and conjured up a bit of a subculture on the screens at home.

Now it’s time to bring all of that to the real world.

For concertgoers, this means bands putting on a great show on stage and simultaneously offering fans at home a well-rounded program that is more than simply a livestream. A nice live coverage with interviews and special concerts. Maybe the viewers will come to the club at the next opportunity to experience the atmosphere first hand.

In the course of the concert series Knust2Go, BACK ON STAGE Open Air will be part of the Kultursommer Hamburg on July 30 and 31 at the roller skating rink and will bring one of the first punk rock shows to the stage right at the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. In doing so, they successfully combine regional and national acts.

Gallows Society (Hamburg)
Narcolaptic (Hamburg)
Kochkraft durch KMA (Cologne, Duisburg)

Blast Bomb (Hamburg)
The Surfits (Elmshorn)
Val Sinestra (Berlin)

In addition to day tickets for Day 1 and Day 2, there is also a discounted combo ticket.
Live coverage is available free of charge at www.dringeblieben.de
Day 1 | Day 2

BACK ON STAGE by Photostudio Ottensen
Bahrenfelder Str. 329, 22765 Hamburg



july 30 (Friday) - 31 (Saturday)

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